Goat project phase 2

In January this year, we announced the birth of our first baby goats .  

I am pleased to report that 4 of those kids are now ready to leave home. The two females will be given to the next widows in the queue whilst the males will be sold on and the money will go back into the project.  

For the women  who were first in the queue, the goat has now become their personal asset. This means that they do not have to pass on the next round of kids.

This is Jovlet, a real star in the program. She adores goats. This is the female kid she is passing on to her neighbour. 

This is Lydia, I caught up with Lydia in May this year and she was very eager to show off her handiwork. She kept meticulous records of her goat’s feeding, vaccinations etc. I can’t imagine how she coped with passing on the kid to someone else. 

 These are the recipients  of the new kids and one of them has volunteered to look after one of the male kid for 6 months. 

Maria’s goat is pregnant again.. she is off to a good start

This Maria with the Project Manager Osbert. Maria has been a strong advocate for this program as her daughter died right after delivering her baby girl so Maria used goat’s milk to feed her grandchild for almost a year.

Os, on the goat trail.. this means he is collecting all the kids that were board in January and are ready to leave home.

I am pleased to see the next phase of this project as this was a new project for us and we were not sure, how it would pun out. 


For regular updates about our work in Ntungamo district, please please like our Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/LetThemHelpthemselves/


Dipping and uplifting for Ruhanga

The Facebook Page “Ruhanga” was established to keep those who have stayed in Ruhanga and developed a relationship with the community up-to-date with events and developments there.

There was a broad view that posts on the page wouldn’t continually ask readers to dip into their pockets, but perhaps inevitably, in an area rich in aspiration but poor in cash terms, sometimes a little “dipping” is required!

Women's group
Ruhanga Women’s Group- Uganda

Most will be aware that girls and women in the area carry out a “traditional” role despite child raising, generating family income through farming and shouldering other responsibilities whilst holding the family together often in the face of chronic adversity.

Reflecting official government moves to eliminate discrimination against women in official policy and practice, with a Ugandan lawyer, Rebecca Kadaga, being the current Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda and the introduction of a policy that one woman will represent each district on the National Resistance Council in Uganda.

Women in Ruhanga have established their own empowerment project that provides advice and support to women there about how to increase their income and how to save for the future, to enable them to take control of their own lives and destinies whilst teaching more girls in the community how to help bring control to their lives through sound investment and business ideas.

The charity Let Them Help Themselves has been at the forefront of providing support and assistance to such initiatives and one of their current campaigns is to ensure that girls in Ruhanga acquire marketable and transferable skills to enable them to have an equitable chance of accessing work and/or creating their own employment opportunities in the local economy.

As part of this they have been working with the community and other stakeholders to develop a skills development provision where girls can access vocational training in bike repairs, tailoring and computer skills.

This centre is now running successfully thanks to the support of those like yourself and is in need of expansion to ensure the girls have the necessary access to the training and equipment they require.

Whilst the girls and women in Ruhanga can provide the hard work and commitment, they simply cannot afford to build infrastructures such as classrooms and so need to reach out to friends such as yourself to help secure that better future that will cascade down the generations.

Can you dip into your pocket and make a contribution to give the local economy in Ruhanga an uplift?

If you can, please do so through the link below.


Please express your interest in this initiative by giving ~ even just a little.




Availability of Jobs and an update on that skills centre

I use the word “excited’ a lot in my posts here but if you are a regular here of have visited our project in Ruhanga, you will understand why.

The source of my excitement this time is progress that has been made at the Skills Centre. You will recall that back in July our friends at Hastoe Housing Association called in armed with buckets of paint. Read more

Doors to the community health centre are finally open


I was in Ruhanga at the back end of Feb 2013 and caught up with the team working on the community health centre and they sent me updates on progress during the summer

Denis and his team continued to work towards the finishing line and just as they thought the end was in sight an inspector from the District Council visited and demanded a whole lot of changes, changes that required large sums of money.

Our friends at Hastoe were instrumental in helping the team to final mile.

Inside Waiting Room
Painting MC
Ian and other volunteers hard at work
Making waiting area benches
Volunteers making waiting area benches

The dispensary will be a crucial part of this initiative, medicines are very expensive in Uganda even when folk have money.

2 Consulting Rooms
Consulting rooms

One of the changes the District Inspector wanted to see was a tiled floor. At the time I thought he was being nitpicking but looking at the results, I can see his point.

Beth the Nurse removes items at MC
Beth the Nurse taking stock

We urgently need to stock to this cupboard

Drug Store
Drug Store
First Ever patient at MC
Beth receives her first ever patient

This day seemed a long way off back in February.

Although the doors have opened, there is a lot of work to do still and we hope you can help us.

How can you help?

We are looking for volunteers from the health profession, doctors, nurse, dentists, specialists in tropical diseases so why not take time out and visit us.

Can you sponsor the salary of a local nurse, midwife, or doctor? If so please visit our page over at My Charity Page or click on the image below

My Charity Page Sponsor Me Now


We also need the sort of items you would find at a community health centre such as

  1. Gloves
  2. Blood pressure machines
  3. Stethoscopes
  4. Thermometers
  5. Bedscreens
  6. Examination table
  7. First Aid kits
  8. Syringes/ Needles
  9. Wound dressing

The list is endless

Thank you all for your support

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