Introduction to Computing for rural communities

Our Skills Development Initiative kicked off in February. The aim of this initiative is to enable young people in Ruhanga to acquire skills that they can either take to market or use to create their own employment

The first phase of the initiative focuses on introducing young people in the community to computers and tailoring.

Computing in Africa
Alex Natuherwa

The initiative is led by Alex Natuherwa and he has sent an interim report   from Ruhanga. This post focuses on feedback from the introduction to computing workshops.

We have  identified  forty five  young women and fifty one young men for  the basic computing workshops from Ruhanga Development School and Ruhanga Seventh Day Adventist  School, a few school drop outs from the wider Itojo Sub County, Ntungamo District in SW Uganda.

As part of the introduction to computing workshops, participants were introduced to various parts of the computer such as, switching on and off the computer ,  the key board and the functions  of some of keys such as  the Caps Lock, Shift Key, Tab Key, Enter/Return key, Esc Key and Space bar.

The initial exercises have included an introduction to Word Processing and the day to days exercises, include text typing, alignment and text positioning, text formatting tools, cut, copy and paste functions.

To date, more than half of the participants can type a formal letter using Microsoft Word as well as  save their work   on desktop.

Skills development initiative Ruhanga
Computer workshop-Ruhanga SW Uganda

Their Why

Annabel, is a 25 year old and  dropped out of school after she completed her O’levels. She is married with 2 kids. Computer skills will enable her to start a business providing secretarial services and perhaps provide a route back to the education system for further studies.

Ruhanga - Skills Development initiative
Arinaitwe in one of the computing workshops

Arinaitwe Benson, is a 27 year old school teacher at Ruhanga Development School. Computer skills will enable him to use the internet confidently as he would like to have an online presence and join in online conversations on social media platforms.

Turyatunga Abraham, is a 25 year old who dropped out of school without O’levels.  He left school because he could not afford the fees. He is hopeful that computer skills  will  help him access work in printing, typing and or data management

Byamukama Isaac, is 15 years and is still at school at Ruhanga Development School. He would like to become an accountant or a Finance officer. He believes that computer skills will give him the edge over potential competitors. He would like to go onto an advanced course in computing and accounting after High School.

Ankunda Sheila, is 13 year old girl at  Ruhanga Seventh Day Adventist School with a passion for weaving. She hopes to one day own an online shop and sell her baskets globally.

 The challenges

Running this initiative is not without it’s challenges and these include

  1. there is more demand than we are currently able to meet
  2. we don’t have enough computers
  3. power cuts- enough said
  4. Ruhanga being a rural community, there is no internet access  and access through the dongles is very poor

With your help we can overcome these challenges.

In the first instance we need a second classroom and ask that you please support that goal by donating to our Skills 4 Girls

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