Menstrual Hygiene Day

28 May is Menstrual Hygiene Day and this is something we started to look at in Ruhanga after I got a letter from one of our girls Elina Agaba. Elina is amongst the 15 girls from Team College Ruhanga that are taking part in bike repair initiative.

Elina Agaba
Elina Agaba

A few months ago it transpired that the some amongst the girls had started putting their skills to use and earning a little money for themselves and when we asked them what they were spending their money on this is what Elina said

Having had the training in bicycle repairing I am  now able to earn money on my own and able to buy the most needed scholastic materials and most importantly sanitary pads which I was finding very difficult to ask money for, from my parents and ended up improvising. I am now smart and I really thank you for the assistance you are giving us. You touched my life, thank you again.

Elina story opened our eyes to the day to day reality of rural girls her age. One of our volunteers decided to fundraise  some money so she could send out sanitary towels to girls such as Elina.  But I wondered whether the best and more sustainable solution lied in teaching the girls to make their own sanitary towels. I have no sewing skills to speak of so I couldn’t teach the girls myself but as it turned out, this is something I didn’t need to do myself as we already have an in house seamstress and all I had to do was source the right fabrics.
We started off with a talk and demonstration and it was really encouraging to have Ian and George the girls Headmaster sit in

Sanitary towel workshop -
Sanitary towel workshop –

A day later we had a visit from the local MP for women’s affairs. She was impressed by our efforts as Menstrual Hygiene is something she is hot on in the district. We learned that every year the best performing girls in the district schools receive a goody bag of sanitary towels from her

The girls have now had a chance to try out the home made sanitary towels and the feedback is that they love them and would like to learn how to make them in order to sell to their friends!

The challenge for us is to supply the right fabric.

Please help us improve these girls’ menstrual hygiene by making a donation :
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