Our bike shed gets a makeover

Nearly four years ago now we were selected as the overseas community that Hastoe Housing Association would befriend. Within that time, Hastoe have joined us in our fundraising efforts for clean water, the village medical centre and the bike shed . They did so without ever setting a foot in Ruhanga, but all that changed earlier this month when seven members of Hastoe staff and their families hit the road to Ruhanga.

And would you believe it they arrived just in time.The newly plastered walls of the bike shed were ready to receive paint. The team rolled up their sleeves got stuck in and here are some photos

2014-07-25 19.41.32

So here is the team setting off from the lodge with paint jerry cans of paint

2014-07-25 19.41.35

They look happy and ready to get stuck in

2014-07-25 19.44.24

This is the main entry door and as you can see there is some work to be done still

2014-07-25 19.47.38Paint cans are open, the team are ready to go

2014-07-25 19.48.00

And the first brush hits the walls

2014-07-25 19.47.18

Has the first coat gone on?

2014-07-22 22.24.49

Is that Helen enlisting the help of students from Team college?

2014-07-22 22.24.35

Looks like she succeeded as moments later the students are armed with brushes and getting stuck in!

2014-07-22 22.24.39

Has the students teacher joined in too?

2014-07-25 19.42.23

What is it they say about many hands?

2014-07-25 19.42.17

And the group sit back and admire their work

2014-07-25 19.39.31

Not to be left out, our local carpenter Mandev joins the the bike shed makeover. This is him working on benches and work tables for the bike shed and sewing room

2014-07-25 19.39.37

One of the things we are most proud of in our work is the fact that all the labour is locally sourced which contributes to employment in the area


And here are finished desks from Mandev


Notice too the superb work by our friends from Hastoe.

So as you can see, sharing your skills with the community in Ruhanga isn’t always about digging wells or looking after orphans.

If you love gardening and landscaping we would love to have you visit and help us out . The school as well as the medical centre grounds could use some TLC.

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