Skills for girls and women in Ruhanga SW Uganda

I am very excited about this year and the direction we are going. Ruhanga is a typical African Village, with no factories and rural to urban migration is high as men especially leave for towns and cities in search of work. But this option, is not often available to women and girls. For the last three years we have been thinking about this and wondering what we can do to ensure that women and girls have the skills they need to earn an income from withi their village. The answer, teach girls and women how to repairs bicycles. The bicycle is the most common form of transport in this part of Uganda and because Ruhanga is on a main road, the girls can easily set up shop.

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Setting up the project cost £200 and 10 girls and women are signed up so far . Girls that have skills and are able to earn and independent income have better prospects in this part of Uganda. Without work or access to education, the options are limted and undesirable at times- early marriage, urban migration with likely hood of being trafficked

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The women get involved too and here they are with the trainer

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We need to get some repair kits to the group which will boost their enterprise
to support our initiative please consider making a donation

£7 buys oil
£70 buys a full repair Kit

To support this initiative please make a donation here :
LTHT Donate page

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