Back to school … but not for all

Today many young people in Ruhanga will be packing their bags and returning to boarding school whether it be at Ruhanga Seventh Day Adventist, Hillside Academy, Itojo Primary or other schools in the area and dozens more will be getting ready to register for next term at Ruhanga Boys Schools, Ruhanga Development School or the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School amongst others.

Team College Ruhanga
Most will know that the education system in Uganda is examination led. With each term lasting around 12 weeks, those children who miss weeks of their education at the beginning of term until their families can gather the required charges are severely disadvantaged often leading to failure at their end of year exams resulting in many being forced from education as re-sitting another year is beyond the means of many families.

The first term of the 2016 school year sees the launch of the Ruhanga Bursary Project, which, thanks to the support of people like yourself, has already seen some two million shillings committed to help secure the future of children in Ruhanga whose families are in short-term financial distress.

The aim of the project is to make short term loans to families to pay the school charges to ensure the children can start the term on day one and repay that loan during the term as funds become available. For example take Isaac, 11yrs old, whose father was working away to earn money for his children’s schooling.

Isaac’s dad was unable to return to the village to pay the school charges on time and, as such, Isaac went two weeks missing crucial education even though the money was there in the longer term. Under the bursary project Isaac could have begun the term on time and his dad could have repaid the bursary on his return to the village.

The bursary project will be available initially to all primary school children in the village with the hope of extending it to secondary school students in the longer term as funds become available. It is also hoped that a limited number of scholarships will become available to children in acutely impoverished families so they can complete their PLEs (Primary Leaving Exams) which are so crucial to future success/income generation.

Find out more about this project and how you can help (even if its just sharing this post) here:

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