Our bike shed gets a makeover

Nearly four years ago now we were selected as the overseas community that Hastoe Housing Association would befriend. Within that time, Hastoe have joined us in our fundraising efforts for clean water, the village medical centre and the bike shed . They did so without ever setting a foot in Ruhanga, but all that changed earlier this month when seven members of Hastoe staff and their families hit the road to Ruhanga. Read more

Nick and Harriet’s 900 Mile Bike Ride


Nick and Harriet set off from Hastoe’s offices in Hamptonwick near Kingston upon Thames yesterday. Ann was there to see them off


Staff at Hastoe Housing Association give Nick and Harriet a superb send off. The red ribbon is cut and off they go


Nick and Harriet set off along the river Thames. I can’t wait to see them in Sussex on 9 September

Nick and Harriet are 70 and 73 respectively and doing this to raise money for our medical centre. Please support their initiative by making a donation at http://www.mycharitypage.com/bikeride


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