Gender equality- the girls want a toilet of their own

We have just come back from Ruhanga SW Uganda and what a trip.

We had a Xmas party at the Ruhanga Development School  and then there was the Walk 4 Water and official Turning on of the taps.

The community came out and got involved, I really can’t begin to put in words what this all felt like.

Austen- volunteer coordinator

With the water out of the way our attention turned to a great need that most of us in the west take for granted access to a toilet. As I explained in this post on BIRDS ON THE  BLOG  our girls are getting to that age when they need a toilet of their own and without which they will drop out of the the education system altogether. Without an education the  girls’s choices are limited almost always to an early marriage, being trafficked into prostitution and a life of poverty.

This problem is not unique to Ruhanga and according to the 2.6billion people worldwide are without a toilet. But it need not be this way and with direct action we can make a difference one community at a time. Our effort in Ruhanga is already under way and a few people have heeded our call to provide a girls’s toilet at the school, to join them please make a donation at

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