Our Volunteers at Work- Alan

One of the questions that we asked time and time again is – HOW CAN I HELP

When we got started we envisaged people in the west coming out to Ruhanga to share their skills with the locals or use those very skills to help solve day to day challenges that folk in Ruhanga face but cannot solve themselves

in 2011 we spent the best part of the year working on bringing clean water to the village. However by January this year, a problem was identified but the original water engineer could not resolve it. Some of that taps we had installed had no water running through them!

Fortunately for us one of our volunteers from England knew what was wrong and how to fix it

Alan worked out that it was not poor workmanship on behalf of the water engineer, however that the water source had moved! Imagine that!

A new water source was identified  and Alan got to work with the community providing the labour that was required

The youngsters joined in too

And when the water was done, Alan set about building an oven for the school

So there you are folk, this is one way your skills can benefit folk in Africa. If you have been inspired to help we are currently building a community health centre and if you think you can help please get in touch our email address is donate@lethemhelpthemselves.org

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