The construction of a toilet for girls

Dear friends

A big thank you to those that attended our fundraising event and or donated to  the sanitation matters to girls campaign. Access to a toilet is something that most take for granted but 2.5 billion  people  worldwide do not have access to a toilet  so we are grateful for your support with this project 

Ruhanga development school Uganda
Year 5 pupils – Ruhanga development school Uganda

I am pleased to report that we raised £1300 and that work has begun to construct a girls toilet at the skills centre in Ruhanga.

Stones and bricks are in place
Digging gets under way
Good progress here- isn’t that too close to the fence though? We have a policy of employing local people which contributes to employment in the area.
This is the pit after two days!
This is a better view – the toilet isn’t built so close to the fence as the previous pic seemed to imply
Two weeks on and it would appear the actual pit is completed and work has started to construct the structure above the ground.
The foreman is headed into the pit to inspect the quality of the work. I hope for his sake the person holding the ladder doesn’t get distracted 🙂

So that is it friends- basics are done. Keep an eye on this space for an update. We appreciate your ongoing support  and it is because of you that we are able to make a difference in the lives of the people in Ruhanga.

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