Volunteering in Africa : Hastoe Housing Association Staff visit to Ruhanga SW Uganda

In the last post I told you about the Visitors from Hastoe Housing Association. In this post the visitors shate their exprience in Uganda.

 As you can see volunteering  in Uganda is not about working  in orphanages and that you can share your skills in other ways.

Let Them Help Themselves out of poverty
Hastoe Housing Association Staff

The Hastoes’ experience….

 Travelling to and helping at the Uganda Lodge was amazing! It is difficult to put into words how best to describe our time in Uganda but some words would include surprising, gorgeous, green, dusty, welcoming, fascinating, rewarding and so full of beautiful people that we will never forget our time there.

 We travelled as a group of seven staff from Hastoe Housing Association plus five family members, with an objective to paint the rooms in the first skills workshop building for bicycle maintenance and sewing rooms. We quickly adjusted to the slightly haphazard way things sometimes are in Africa, improvised with the equipment available and worked together as a team. It took several days and many cans of paint but it was so rewarding when we finished and saw the building one step closer to being used.

 We felt we had really achieved something but during our time in Uganda we also learned and discovered so much more. We saw how much work was being done to improve life in Uganda and gradually appreciated what a huge impact Denis, the Lodge and the projects have already had on local people. You hear what difference a water tap or a school makes but seeing people access running water and watching children learning in and loving school helped us appreciate that so much more. We also saw how thin the line is between helping and imposing, and how well that has been managed in Ruhanga. And we discovered how much fun can be had in an evening with a group of strangers swinging in a hammock or sat around a log fire!

Volunteering in Africa

Most importantly, it has shown us that we can all make a difference; it might be a small gift from each of us individually, but collectively, with all the other donations and time given by volunteers and workers over the years, we have created opportunities and new possibilities for the people around Ruhanga that are changing their lives.

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