Doors to the community health centre are finally open


I was in Ruhanga at the back end of Feb 2013 and caught up with the team working on the community health centre and they sent me updates on progress during the summer

Denis and his team continued to work towards the finishing line and just as they thought the end was in sight an inspector from the District Council visited and demanded a whole lot of changes, changes that required large sums of money.

Our friends at Hastoe were instrumental in helping the team to final mile.


Inside Waiting Room

Painting MC

Ian and other volunteers hard at work

Making waiting area benches

Volunteers making waiting area benches



The dispensary will be a crucial part of this initiative, medicines are very expensive in Uganda even when folk have money.

2 Consulting Rooms

Consulting rooms

One of the changes the District Inspector wanted to see was a tiled floor. At the time I thought he was being nitpicking but looking at the results, I can see his point.

Beth the Nurse removes items at MC

Beth the Nurse taking stock

We urgently need to stock to this cupboard

Drug Store

Drug Store

First Ever patient at MC

Beth receives her first ever patient

This day seemed a long way off back in February.

Although the doors have opened, there is a lot of work to do still and we hope you can help us.

How can you help?

We are looking for volunteers from the health profession, doctors, nurse, dentists, specialists in tropical diseases so why not take time out and visit us.

Can you sponsor the salary of a local nurse, midwife, or doctor? If so please visit our page over at My Charity Page or click on the image below

My Charity Page Sponsor Me Now


We also need the sort of items you would find at a community health centre such as

  1. Gloves
  2. Blood pressure machines
  3. Stethoscopes
  4. Thermometers
  5. Bedscreens
  6. Examination table
  7. First Aid kits
  8. Syringes/ Needles
  9. Wound dressing

The list is endless

Thank you all for your support



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