Kick Starting 2013: Our News So far

The gate (Small)

Gateway to Ruhanga Community project

Sand&concrete for flooring p.5 (Small)

Another classroom finished and the beginnings of another- the school is growing so fast. In 2008 we had 8 children learning out of a chicken shed today 480 children are registered. We thank you for your support.

Tiping materials for p.5 (Small)

View from the school gate-really pleased to see that the grass in the school yard has taken root. That was sponsored by an African Diaspora originally from Rwanda

Clinic today (Small)

The beginnings of a community health centre

Clinic (Small)

A lot of progress here

Campfire place (Small)

And this where our volunteers let their hair out in the evening- they love an open fire – temperatures can drop sharply in Ruhanga

Front house (Small)

Volunteer hang out shed

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