A toilet for Girls: An Update

Happy New year dear friends

Here is  an update on the construction of the Girl’s toilet in Ruhanga.

But first here is a reminder as to why this is important. Take a look at the Map below

Open defecation

Please locate your country and work out how it scores on the open defecation scale. I bet like me you cannot believe that they are that many folks out there without access to a toilet and that the majority are in India!

But as you can see Uganda is not doing that well either and the situation is worse in rural areas and especially for girls and women

Toilets - Uganda
Girls Toilet- Ruhanga

But thanks to you the girls in Ruhanga will have a toilet of their own. The roof is going on


Apart from addressing sanitation difficulties in the village, your donations also contribute to job creation within the community.  Wherever possible all materials are sourced locally and we only ever use local crafts men and women.


This is what the inside looks like.

Hopefully we will have this up and running by World toilet Day


Thank you for your support.

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