Current Initiatives

Our current projects are in Ruhanga  South West Uganda. We have come a long way but there is still a long journey ahead and these are the current initiatives.


Skills for girls

A key reason for our existence is poverty alleviation. It is our belief that this should not be through handouts alone but instead by enabling rural girls to acquire skills that they can use to help themselves out of poverty. we would like to encourage you to fundraise for one of our community business initiative to enable women and girls in Ruhanga become financially independent.

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Menstrual Hygiene Management

A menstrual hygiene report carried out in Uganda showed that girls in rural areas miss 3 to 5 days of school each month during their menstrual periods, staying home using strips of toilet paper or old rags. This leads to poor school performance and eventually school dropouts.

Therefore, the first initiative of our Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Program is to launch a women’s enterprise in partnership with Days for Girls to produce long-lasting washable sanitary pads in Ruhanga (South Western Uganda) and provide reproductive health education to all girls and women in the area.

We want to offer a sustainable alternative to disposable pads, which most women and girls in rural areas cannot afford anyway, but also which represent an issue where there is little to no sanitation service. Improperly discarded pads are a health risk and add to the stigma that we are trying to help girls break.

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This program focuses on the economic empowerment of ultra-poor rural women by providing them with an asset that they can use to start a microenterprise as well as relevant training on how to manage those assets and run their enterprise.