International Day of the Girl: Agnes

Today is International Day of the Girl, it is therefore an ideal time to bring you an update on how the girls at Team College Ruhanga SW Uganda are getting on at the bike repair initiative.

Agnes s1
Agnes- Senior One Team College SW Uganda


Agnes is new at Team College and sent us this letter

I would like to express my gratitude to you and every one who donated the bicycle repairing kits and in particular your good friend Sally. Thanks for your support towards enabling us reach where we are now.

We are making a positive difference in our lives. Bicycles are now at the heart of our empowerment. We are excited as we can now ride and repair them. Having been walking a long distance to school daily. I am now able to ride to and from school on my own

We are grateful for all the help we are getting. Please accept our heart felt thanks for your concern and generosity.
Agnes S1


We asked George – Head Teacher at Team College to tell us about the initiative, its impact in the community as well as about the 15 girls who are currently participating in the scheme and this is what he had to say

Girls training as bicycle mechanics and riders is a new territory and very exciting in this community.

  • The 15 girls have got stories to tell and are reporting that the initiative is making a positive difference in their lives in as far as their education, health and income are concerned,
  • Their parents were so excited to see their daughters increased confidence and their ability to ride bicycles.
  •  As well as their academic achievements the girls  now have a life skill which they have gained in bicycle ridding and repairing.
  • Five  of the girls namely Scovia, Hope, Agnes, Shallot and Grace now ride to and from school. They previously walked  for 4 KM each way . We have also notice an improvement in their academic work
  •  Four  of the girls are still walking  to and from school as they do not own bikes yet.
  •  Six  of the girls that board at the school have started earning an income from their skills during the school holidays as well as at teh end of the school day and have been able to supplement their parent’s income, buy scholastic  materials most importantly access sanitary pads, lotions and underwear etc as opposed to relying on pocket money from parents  which was always not enough.
  • As a result 10 women from the community have also joined the initiative to learn how to ride and repair bikes, so we  need  a permanent working station. The village mainly depends on agriculture  and bikes are the main form of transport to get produce to market.


Naturally all this has been achieved with your support and for that we are grateful. We would like to formalise this initiative and would be grateful if you would please consider making a donation to help us along

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One thought on “International Day of the Girl: Agnes

  • August 20, 2016 at 6:46 am

    Please let’s care for these girls; they are our hope and glory as boys when we eventually become men.
    Having them fruiful arround is the heart of nation growth, though it may engender high population.
    Every Girl Child should cover and package herself.
    Leaving you fruitful.


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