Lunch boxes for patients and staff in ebola treatment centres

A few months ago we teamed up with Memuna and Sadia of the  Lunchboxgift initiative to fight ebola in Sierra Leone. The initiative was born out of the Ebola epidemic in the Western part of Africa.  Ebola has turned the lives of many upside down  to the extent that some can’t access a cooked meal let alone a nutritious one. 
soup pack

Lunchboxgift aims to ensure that both patients and staff in ebola treatment centre can access a hot meal. But like everything else to do with ebola, care must be taken to ensure that the virus is not inadvertently spread.

Lunchboxgift- hot meals for ebola patients

ready to go

There are challenges in the supply chain. A lot of our supplies, especially packaging and sanitation materials, are sourced from overseas. With recent international transportation restrictions that have come out of the Ebola crisis, air and sea freight services are seriously compromised and we are often competing with big aid agencies for cargo space

packing line

Providing 50,000 meals is a tall oder  but one we are ready to take on!

patient soups

Nutritious sops to aid the recovery of those who are weakened by Ebola

staff lunch

Making sure our courageous healthcare workers in the Ebola frontline have ‘something to look forward to’…


So there you have it friends, Lunch boxes filled nutritious soups and substantial hot meal for patients and frontline staff in ebola treatment centres, packaged with love and care bearing in mind sanitation and sustenance

But we can’t do this without your support

We are therefore inviting you to donate the cost of your lunch or £1 to our campaign so that we can continue to provide this vital service.

To support this initiative please make a donation here : Donate page

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