Our Bike Shed is nearly here

The construction of the bike repair workshop is coming along nicely and here is an update of the construction work

IMG_4381 (1)

The window frames have gone in

IMG_4383 (1)

Work has started on the concrete floor

IMG_4382 (1)

This is what the floor looks like. The store rooms are done


Front elevation- the covered veranda means that the girls can work outside on very hot days and have protection from the sun

IMG_4379 (1)

Side elevation

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this

On the downside, we will not be able to open this facility even when it is completed until we have toilets for the the girls to use.

This will be devastating for the girls who have worked hard to acquire bike repair skills but you can help us by making a donation towards the costs of providing a toilet


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