We have outgrown our computer centre

We  first got involved in Ruhanga in 2008 and our first goal was creating jobs in the neighbourhood. We didn’t know how, but we were going to try as Denis Aheirwe a local man was already trying.


This is how far Denis had got with constructing an activity centre when we became involved. he had run out of money and construction had ground to a halt. We got work with various fund raising activities which paid off.


Here is the completed centre in 2009. It has served as a sewing room, a computer room, storage room, main office, a book store, school library, guest room etc


Uganda Lodge
Resource centre Ruhanga

The centre got a makeover from one the many volunteers that visit Ruhanga each year

Ruhanga Resources centre- uganda
Computer lessons

Here is one such visitors running a computer session for Ruhanga’s young people but as you can see there is hardly  any room  around the table. This has meant that number of participants is limited and as such very few young people have benefited from these classes.


Sanitary towel making

The centre provided a space for sewing lessons and in this photo, the in house seamstress is working with girls from a local secondary school on a sanitary towel initiative.

Skills for girls- Uganda
Library/computer room Ruhanga

This room also served as a library until December 2013 when the library moved to the primary school.  As you can see, we have truly outgrown this building.

The good news is that we are doing something about this. Last month, the Sewing room moved out too. Check out it’s new home  . This means that we will be able to accommodate more people who have an interest in tailoring as a skill.

Our main goal for 2015 is to move the Computer Room, in order that we can accommodate 30 students at anyone time.

Yes, you guessed it, the room has to be built from scratch.

We estimate that if 30 people join our fund raising effort and raise £166 each,  we can do this in no time at all.

We  are kicking off our fund raising effort with a fun walk on April 19 around Virginia Water Lake in Surrey

Participants are expected to raise money for the event  you can do this by setting up a fundraising page at Virgin Money Giving

Alternatively please download a sponsorhsip form here

We are charging a small entry fee to cover insurance and the licence fee to the Crown Estate

And if you can’t make it please consider making a donation

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